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  • January 13, 2011 9:50 pm

    "I think sweet is feminine and savory is masculine. Like, my favorite thing—also, I used to do this when I traveled more, before I spent all my time in kitchens in New York City, but whenever I’d travel, I’d always—my thing, when I travel, is I always get a chocolate chip cookie, and sometimes I eat it in the airport. Sometimes, I like eat it on my flight as we’re taking off, ‘cause it’s like, well, at least if I die, I’ll be eating a chocolate chip cookie, or I’ll just have eaten a chocolate chip cookie. And my favorite thing is to watch men standing alone in line … I would always just like get an immediate crush on any man standing in line that ordered something similar to me, which is like, a cookie and a soft pretzel, or like, a giant cookie and a coffee or whatever, because they were just going to go house that just like you were … I think some men are really ashamed to be like, ‘Oh I like sweets. I want dessert,’ you know? Where it’s like, ‘Oh, honey, YOU get dessert,’ or, I think there’s also something about that. But that’s like my favorite thing ‘cause I felt like it always really warmed my heart. Either like, that’s my dream man, or warmed my heart, and like, oh, why am I, if I don’t feel this certain way, by any means, in terms of like feminism, why am I so surprised or endeared when there’s a man standing by himself ordering a cookie? … It just warms you, your sensitive side. A man eating a cookie equals sensitivity. Apple Pie = Woman = Man with Cookie = Sensitivity. It doesn’t make any sense at all, but somehow, it makes all the sense in the world."

    — Christina Tosi, Pastry Chef,, with a theory on why Americans tend to consider the pastry department female turf. (january 10, 2011)